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Our Commitment 

The Foundation's main initiative is Angels Around Us of Arizona. Families who have a child suffering from a chronic or life threatening illness are encouraged to apply for Angels Around Us. The Pearce Family Foundation’s initiative will help families get back on their feet by paying for bills at the home and step in so the parents can focus on their child’s journey to get well. 

The Foundation's newest initiative is, Angel Dogs which is similar to their other grant program but this one helps financially pay for a service dog for children in need of one. Normal life is a distant memory to these families and need the communities and the Pearce Family Foundation’s assistance.

The idea for Angel Dogs occurred as the Pearce Family Foundation was receiving a large amount of applications to assist with paying for service dogs for children. In 2015 Executive Council Charities gave the Pearce Family Foundation the opportunity to fund and create Angel Dogs with a grant awarded to the Foundation specifically for the purpose of funding the Angel Dogs program. Thank you for believing in our cause and allowing us to give back to children in our community!